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Website Accessibility

Straightset Orthodontics Accessibility Statement

We dedicate a strong effort to continue growing the content on our website to provide useful information to our patients. If you want to better your browsing experience, follow the recommendations below.

A. Visual Assistance: If you have trouble with the visual aspect of browsing, there are accessibility settings you can change to help optimize your experience.

B. Audio Assistance – Closed Captioning: If your browsing capabilities are affected by an audio impairment, you may benefit from closed captioning. Closed captioning translates the audio in a video to text. Closed captioning is also great for situations where you cannot turn the audio up out of consideration for others.

C. Audio Assistance – Volume Controls: ll electronic devices come with the ability to adjust the volume. When you open a new video or audio program, it typically also includes volume controls. You can play around with the settings of both to get the best audio experience to suit your needs.

D. Keyboard and Mouse Alternatives: If it is not comfortable to use a keyboard or mouse, speech recognition software can perform the same functions as a hands-free alternative. This type of software allows you to navigate using web pages or other programs using your voice. You tell the software where to go, where to click, etc.

E. Additional Assistance: If you follow these recommendations and continue to struggle to browse the website comfortably, give us a call.